Health and Sustainability Training for ESA Team

Enterprise Seychelles Agency, an entity of the Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry, conducted a training for its staffs to learn more about health and sustainability practices in the workplace. The full day training was held over a 2-day period, on Friday 30th April and Monday 3rd May 2021, to enable all staffs to attend the sessions which was held at SIDOL, Mont Fleuri.

The aim of the training were to;

  • Increase the knowledge on health and safety of workers and management in their environment;
  • Understanding the importance, relevance and basic concept of occupational health and safety; and
  • Education on sustainability practices that can be adopted in the workplace.

Staffs were additionally trained to identify problems in relevance to their health and safety in the workplace. They were presented with different strategies available for controlling or preventing such problems and were encouraged to develop familiarity with legislation, government entities and health personnel associated with the working environment.

The facilitators of the training were Mr. Keven Aglae, Consultant in Occupational Health and Safety and Mr. Yannick Memee, Freelance Consultant.

This training was held as part of the tasks under the grant obtained under the Seychelles’ Conservation Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT)’s Blue Grants Fund 3. The grant will be used towards the implementation of a Blue Economy project entitled “Entrepreneurship Development in the Blue Economy Sector – Advocate capacity building for MSME’s and ESA staff to sustain, grow and create awareness amongst this evolving sector”.

ESA was pleased to have organized such a training for its staffs, especially now with the pandemic, as it is very important for all individuals to be more visible of their environment when it concerns health and safety. Subsequently, the staffs will be able to adopt and share what they have learned to help keep our environment safe and healthy.