ESA Hosts Capacity Building Workshop on La Digue as part of SeyCCAT Project

Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA) organized a capacity building workshop for the Blue Economy sector on Saturday 23rd October 2021 on La Digue. The workshop was aimed at developing entrepreneurship in this evolving sector. Various entities involved in the workshop included the Department of Blue Economy, DBS, SFA, Department of Environment and others.

The funding for this workshop comes through a grant under the Seychelles’ Conservation Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT)’s Blue Grants Fund 3. The grant is being used towards the implementation of a Blue Economy project entitled “Entrepreneurship Development in the Blue Economy Sector, with an aim to advocate capacity building for MSMEs and ESA staff to sustain, grow and create awareness amongst this evolving sector.

This workshop is a support to SeyCCAT, to assist with better promotion of their grant and monitoring of the projects that have benefitted with the grant. From these sessions, awareness about the Blue Economy Sector will rise and with this project, ESA is aiming to see a rise in the number of approved SeyCCAT grant applications for 2022.