Recycling Exhibition at Camion Hall

Enterprise Seychelles Agency organised a recycling exhibition at Camion Hall on 30th April 2022 to mark the end of its SeyCCAT grant project.

The aim of the exhibition was to promote sustainable businesses and encourage other entrepreneurs to adopt sustainable practices within their operations. Several artisans participated and their products were on sale to the general public. Recycle, reuse and reduce is the way forward for Seychelles. The activity also collaborated with International Dance Day 2022 and the Emergency Crew did a flashmob dance on Camion Hall grounds to commemorate the event.

ESA has been engaged in a project for the past 16 months to promote entrepreneurship development in the blue economy sector through a grant received from SeyCCAT and the project ends today 30th April. ESA shall produce its final report and audit to account for the funds used and submit to SeyCCAT.