Seychelles Fashion Week Business Forum

Enterprise Seychelles Agency proudly hosted a Business Forum on Wednesday 27th November at ICCS, Room 1 as part of the second edition of the Seychelles Fashion Week. The forum attracted many young people in the audience as well as existing fashion designers and models.

The forum comprised of one presentation by Mr. Peter Roselie on how to start a business and a second presentation by Mr. Brian Nicette on how to get a grant from ESA to start a business in the fashion industry.

Additionally, the audience had the pleasure to witness Mr. Richy Kandasamy share his experience as a Seychellois who has penetrated the overseas market with his brand RIKOKO. The business forum also included testimonies from Mr. Clavon Leonard who is a designer and owner of a modelling agency in the USA and Ms. Betinah Tianah, a successful model, activist and TV presenter who both inspired the young models and designers in the room on how to survive in the real world.

The CEO of ESA, Ms. Appoo urged the young and aspiring designers and models to take advantage of this information exchange programme and to ensure that they take all the opportunities that are available at their doorstep to change the future of the fashion industry in Seychelles and make it one of the pillars of the economy.