Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA)  provides Business Development Services to improve the performance of the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, enabling their access to markets and competitive edge.

Our Mission

To provide the foundations for the enhancement of the entrepreneurs, to assist the enterprise in the early steps of the business lifecycle and to support the expansion and growth of the Seychellois MSMEs.

Our Objectives

To implement the policies and the strategies of Government relating to the micro, small and medium enterprises and to provide the micro, small and medium enterprises with the necessary services and support.


Facilitate program and schemes for enterprises, Promote the use of technology and innovation to expedite and accelerate production


Encourage the transition from micro to small to medium-to-high technology based enterprises and promote and develop value addition and semi-industrialisation


Promote the importance of intellectual property rights amongst MSME and Identify and facilitate relevant trade fairs and exhibitions for enterprises and encourage and facilitate their involvement