S4S Seminar on Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainability for Seychelles (S4S), a local NGO that aims to promote sustainable practices in Seychelles, organized a seminar on sustainable business practices today, Tuesday 5th October 2021 on Ste Anne Island. The aim of this workshop was to share information about green business practices, resources available to help businesses and practical ideas from local business leaders already engaged in sustainable practices.

Enterprise Seychelles Agency participated in the workshop and the CEO, Ms. Angelic Appoo delivered a presentation on how ESA supports eco-initiatives by businesses in various aspects, such as through education and sensitization, pushing for eco-friendly projects that will create business and employment opportunities and providing advice and support to MSMEs.

ESA also agreed to work more closely with businesses adopting sustainable practices to help address the barriers that they face and even explore incentives for these businesses.