Agricultural Development Fund (ADF)

Agricultural Development Fund (ADF)

The Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) was introduced to finance the development of small and medium sized agricultural and horticultural development in Seychelles, particularly in terms of food security.

The loan scheme serves to facilitate provision of funding for extension of agricultural projects. 



  • Registered farmers, agricultural input producers, agricultural service providers (e.g. abattoirs and hatchery services) and Agricultural Processors who are engaged in full time agricultural activities (with valid registration certification).
  • Existing borrowers having good track record with the Bank and/or good loan repayment history (previous loan)
  • Project must have approval by all relevant authorities


  • Construction of farm buildings (shade house / greenhouse, chicken pen, pigsty and other livestock sheds, stores, abattoir) and infrastructures such as water storage facility, etc.
  • Upgrading of existing farm buildings (as listed above), equipment and machineries and other farm assets
  • Replacement and/or purchase of new machineries, equipment & tools and other farm assets
  • Setting up of irrigation and other agricultural technology systems
  • Site preparation and development
  • Working capital (shall not exceed 40% of the project cost)
  • Raw materials and other agricultural inputs


  • SCR 25,000.00 – SCR350,000.00
  • Up to SCR 5 Million


  • 5 % (up to SCR 3 million)
  • 5% (from SCR 3,000,001 – up to SCR 5 Million)


Maximum term of five or twelve years (excluding grace period)



Grace period granted based on the type of project, the maturity period of the crop and/or livestock and the projected cash flow.



  • Charge on lease hold agricultural property for loan up to SR 350,000/- (for state owned land only)
  • Mortgage on freehold property for loan above SR 350,000/-
  • Other securities/collaterals includes (for loans above SR 350,000): Floating Charge (on company’s assets), Pledge (on vehicle, equipment and vessel), Bank guarantee; or a guarantee form an Insurance company; Qualified Guarantors, Lien on Treasury Bonds, fixed deposit, share certificates, etc.



Application to be done at the Department Loan Unit



  • Request from client (through Loans Unit or Extension Services)
  • Initial report of current farm status with details of loan details submitted to Loan unit
  • Collection of Documents – Quotation & Business Plan (by Extension/Livestock Officers)
  • Submission of all documents to Loan Committee for approval
  • Fill-in DBS application forms + submission of additional Loan Application Documents
  • Compilation and submission of documents to DBS (by Loans Unit)
  • Vetting of submitted loan application by DBS
  • DBS approval
  • Disbursement of funds (with recommendations of Loan Committee)
  • Monitoring of Project progress
  • Repayment of Loan