E – Resilience

The health and safety of our Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) are of utmost importance and will not be compromised. Following the advice from the Department of Health, Enterprise Seychelles Agency’s (ESA) dedicated team of professionals along with its partners are committed to supporting you through these difficult times by developing virtual training sessions and learning programs that will address current and post COVID- 19 MSME needs.

ESA will be collaborating with different facilitators such as the Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development, Central Bank of Seychelles, the Guy Morel Institute of Management and volunteering entrepreneurs with a focused view of the current situation and its aftermath. In order to create content that is more relevant for you, more facilitators with different backgrounds will be joining us.


By Mr Peter Roselie
i. Cash Flow
ii. Entrepreneurial Mindset – Part 1
iii. Entrepreneurial Mindset – Part 2
iv. Entrepreneurial Mindset – Part 3
v. Entrepreneurial Mindset – Final
Personal Development
By Mrs Marie-Celine Zialor 


i. Imagination vs Logic
ii. Diversifying Sources Of Income
iii. Dealing with difficulties
iv. Self Awareness