Would you like to know more about the Co-Working Space?

A team from Enterprise Seychelles Agency visited Blend Seychelles located at Providence to learn more about the operations of the co-working space and its set-up. The team was met by Mr. Dion Elizabeth, Co-Working Manager at Blend Seychelles who explained that the aim of the co-working space is to provide a space of operation for entrepreneurs who currently does not have a space to operate their business and also to get various types of entrepreneurs in one area to co-work together. One can assist the other!

The entrepreneurs can rent these facilities for one day or for a month or for 12 months. Additional services provided at Blend Seychelles includes free wifi, tea/coffee amenities and printing facilities. The building also has training rooms and meeting rooms to suit the needs of any business, NGO or Government entities trying to find a space to use for any event.

Visit our Business Development Officers at Enterprise Seychelles Agency, Camion Hall to find out more about the co-working space!